Team Building em tuk tuk

14 Sep 2017

Team building in tuk tuk

The difference between a success and a fiasco always depends on the team. The way it works, how the morale and contentment are, influence deeply the way everyone works together to fulfill the vision of the company. For this reason, we suggest that you should do something different and reward the work that your team […]

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Roteiro Turístico de Lisboa e seus Jardins

08 Aug 2017

A touristic route through the gardens of Lisbon

Lisbon is a charming city. Did you ever see a sunset from the bank of the Tagus River? And did you see from one of the many viewpoints of Lisbon, or from the Castle of São Jorge? If so, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Another Lisbon’s trait is its enormous offers of places […]

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lisboa vista panoramica

12 Jun 2017

What to see in Lisbon

Are you looking to a map and wandering what you can see in Lisbon? People often look to a map and wander about places to travel. Be it for a weekend, or longer time, the thinking flow is usual the same: Germany? What shell I see in here? France, Paris… So romantic! Oh, Spain… Madrid? […]

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Alfama Tour

07 Mar 2017

Three tours you must take in the Easter holidays 2017

Lisbon is a city rich in monuments, arts, shows, and landscapes. It is a beautiful city to know and to explore. But where can I start? What tours should I take in Lisbon, at Easter 2017? We are here to help you choose, and to make you enjoy a totally ecologic tuk tuk tour. We […]

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19 Sep 2016

Team building and corporate activities by tuk tuk

Do you feel that all your company and business activities or events or promotions are the same? Do you feel that your meetings should be more fresh… or somehow different? Why don’t you contact and talk with us about our Tailor Made Tours? We can help you find the best answer to your questions. With […]

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Vista de Alfama

08 Aug 2016

What is the best way to know Alfama?

By tuk tuk 100% electric! Do you have any doubts? Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon, built in the slopes of São Jorge Castle’s hill. Its streets are narrow and sloping, making very difficult to see it all in a day. Of course, there are many belvederes where to rest, but it’s not the […]

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Palácio da Pena

19 Jul 2016

Discover Sintra by tuk tuk

Are you in for a romantic journey? Do you want to experience a unique tour that will remain in your memories for several years? That’s why we propose you our Sintra Tour. This journey is tailor made for the romantics, for the couples who want to feel the beauty of Architecture and Nature. It’s about […]

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30 Jun 2016

Lisbon gourmet by eco tuktuk

Lisbon is known for her beauty (indulge us and let treat this wonderful city by a personal name), for her winding roads, light and seven hills who embrace the Tejo’s estuary… The capital of Portugal is ideal for wandering. For being lost, in time and geography. In each corner is something different and new to […]

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17 Oct 2014

Launch of the new website Tuk On Me

The Tuk On Me has just launched a new website and gives you entry on board a unique experience. We aim to offer unique and unforgettable moments by the stunning and enchanting region of Lisbon. Have a different journey where you can have a private tour guide and you can choose the tour that interests […]

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