19 Sep 2016

Team building and corporate activities by tuk tuk

Do you feel that all your company and business activities or events or promotions are the same? Do you feel that your meetings should be more fresh… or somehow different?

Why don’t you contact and talk with us about our Tailor Made Tours? We can help you find the best answer to your questions.

With our tuk tuks and tailor made tours you can feel something new, creative, and different…

Why don’t you take your clients or investors for a tour until the office, meeting place, event that you have prepared?

You have organized a meeting in a special venue and you want to surprise your client. You can pick him up in the airport with a tuk tuk and take you for a special tour until the meeting place. Or you can make him go between the Hotel and your office in a tuk tuk, with a tailor made tour.

Have you considered to use our tuk tuks to promote your company and services/products?

You can also use our tuk tuks to promote a new service/product. We ride all over Lisbon, all day long, and we have a great exposition, since we ride in the most important streets of the major city of Portugal. We are also used for dozens of tourists.

Did you know that you can reward your team in a different day?

Have your sales team or technology department succeed to achieve a major business or goal? Why don’t you reward it with a personalized tour in Lisbon? It’s a great opportunity to make them feel special and appreciated in a creative way.

Why don’t you use the tuk tuks for team building events or corporate activities?

Every year, mainly around your business anniversary, you usually organize some activities to promote team building or to celebrate your company achievements. Why, instead of using cabs or mini-buses as transportation, don’t you use some tuk tuks? You can create with us some special tours, and in-between activities moments.

What are you waiting for?

Do you still have some questions about corporate activities or team building events? Do you want a more personal contact? Contact us right away and see more benefits of choosing us as a business partner.

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