14 Sep 2017

Team building in tuk tuk

Team Building em tuk tuk

The difference between a success and a fiasco always depends on the team. The way it works, how the morale and contentment are, influence deeply the way everyone works together to fulfill the vision of the company.

For this reason, we suggest that you should do something different and reward the work that your team has done. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a tuk tuk ride through the city of Lisbon, or to Sintra.

However, if you want to further deepen the relationships of your employees or even strengthen the work processes between them, you can also take advantage of our team building offers, created and organized by us.

Strengthen the team

Team building is a set of tasks and activities that enhance social relationships and help to further define the roles of each person in the team. Many of the exercises serve to foster team spirit and therefore improve the performance of working groups.

Because of the success of this kind of activities, team building is one of the strategies most used by companies to increase/reinforce team spirit, performance or even reward productivity. Together with training sessions, this strategy increases greatly the employees’ performance.

Team building and a tuk tuk

The team building activities, organized around a playful and informal environment, allow the construction of articulated and integrated work processes. They help to strengthen the social relationships between your employees and to recognize the virtues and the flaws of each one.

Exposing the weaknesses of a team is not bad, on the contrary: it strengthens the group spirit. Because everyone fails, everyone compensates, everyone learns and … everyone builds success on learning.

These moments, while striking, are not something unique in the year. The purpose is to take what they built in these team building activities and take it back to the company’s daily routines…

Increase team spirit

We, at Tuk On Me, can help you! Why? Because we only have one objective: provide you a unique and unforgettable service.

Believing in this goal, makes us create a solution tailored to your needs and your employees, always with the intention of making your experience something extraordinary. We cook all the ingredients to fulfill, in the best way, your goals.

We get your business goals and add them our know-how. We add them three hours of stimulating, fun, creative activities and challenges. All this with the charm of our tuk tuk silent, comfortable and ecological, 100% electric, to get you where it’s needed.

Use our experience and give your employees an extra incentive. Something that will reward them for the work they have done. The prizes don’t have to be anything amazing and expensive. Just schedule a tuk tuk ride and you are already providing something out of the ordinary.

Provide new energies, new dynamics, in the team you lead. Encourage teamwork. Challenge your employees. Encourage communication. Create proximity … Increase team spirit. Strengthen your union, with us!

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