The Eco TukTuk

Climb aboard this fully electric vehicle ecological and environmentally friendly.

The tuk tuk sightseeing in Lisbon gained a new vision .

Visit the historic districts of Lisbon in silence, listen the historical explanation of our tour guides while you are seated comfortably in our spacious tuk tuk .

You can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of our city unique and beautiful places only accessible to tuk vehicles.

Take an eco-tour with our tuk tuk 100 % electric.

eco tuk tuk

Climb aboard this classic vehicle, of Italian origin, released in 1948. It is considered an icon of Italian style.

In the 1950s, after appearing in the film La Dolce Vita, the Ape Calessino become integral part of high society, been used in legendary places like Cannes, Capri, Portofino and the Greek islands.

The Calessino transmits a sophisticated glamorous lifestyle, and it is wrapped in an aura of charm.

This absolutely original vehicle in the panorama of Lisbon, stands out for its unique design and inimitable personality. Symbolizes a lifestyle and embodies an elegant minimalism that escapes the hectic pace, ideal to discover the city of Lisbon, walk with your family and friends.


It is a flexible vehicle, easy to handle, ideal for the narrow and winding historic Lisbon roads. With the ability to easily move to the highest point of the city, where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset while breathing the breeze of the Tagus River. It has a hinged cover, which invite you to enjoy the outdoors and gives you a panoramic view of the entire city. The comfortable and relaxing seats are upholstered with high quality material, ensuring an unforgettable journey. They are equipped with seat belts to grant total safety.

Because we want to be a versatile company, a company that suits all types of customers, from couples to groups of friends, we also have a fleet of tuk tuk with capacity for 6 people.

Unique in the city of Lisbon, the joyful spirit and enthusiastic Asian is present in Tuk On Me.

With more comfortable seats, with greater stability, gather your family and come discover Lisbon.


Tuk with us.
We’ll show you the secrets of Lisbon

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    Dec 01, 2016

    Adorei!! Fiz ontem o tour de alfama e não tenho queixas nenhumas!! As explicações foram ótimas e muito atualizadas, os locais de paragem bem escolhidos e o serviço impecável, sempre pronto a agradar! Aconselho!


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