07 Mar 2017

Three tours you must take in the Easter holidays 2017

Alfama Tour

Lisbon is a city rich in monuments, arts, shows, and landscapes. It is a beautiful city to know and to explore. But where can I start? What tours should I take in Lisbon, at Easter 2017?

We are here to help you choose, and to make you enjoy a totally ecologic tuk tuk tour. We believe that the best way to explore a town is by foot. But when we have little time and want to see it all, what can we do?

We know, there is a bus tour option… But is what you really want? Being taken in a bus around places, and come back to the start? Without seeing the places you want properly? Or stopping only when the traffic light is red?

Read our suggestions, and choose later what do you want to do…

Alfama Tour

Between the São Jorge’s Castle, and the Tagus river, there is one of the ancient neighbourhood of Lisbon: Alfama. Built by the moors, early on the Christians occupied these streets, and built over what was of Muslim inspiration, being the aljama mosque a good example, becoming Lisbon’s Cathedral (after some architectural changes).

Alfama isn’t known only by its churches, and viewpoints, or even for the village spirit that we feel in it. It is also known by its restaurants, Fado houses, and Popular Saints’ festivities. San António is the most celebrated in July, because he is the patron saint of the city of Lisbon.

Our suggestion is to take you to discover Alfama by eco tuk tuk, and scroll through the narrow streets, while you stop to see the main sights.
Tram 28 Tour

Tram 28 Tour

The tram 28 was inaugurated in 1914, and has two routes. One longer, between Martim Moniz and the neighbourhood of Prazeres, and one shorter, between Graça and Estrela. We, at Tuk On Me, decided to gather the major points of interest, and use them for your enjoyment.

We want you to experience the narrow, and cobbled streets of the Bairro Alto, and Alfama. To see the viewpoints of the highest hill of Lisbon, the top of Graça. And, at the end, you can leave our tuk tuk and go straight ahead to the Rua Augusta’s Arch and contemplate the Praça do Comércio, the Tagus River, and the South Bay through the high hills of Serra da Arrábida, over the horizon line.
Belém Tour

Belém Tour

Belém is an essential visit for any tourist, and even for the Portuguese. These zone of Lisbon, recognized by UNESCO has World Heritage, is full of monuments, testimonies of the Discovery Age, when Portuguese ships sailed to found new lands, and conquer a space in the Human History, creating the first global empire.

Belém is also a beautiful place to wander and get lost. Not only because of the monuments, but also because of the cultural offer: museums, the Planetário, and the Centro Cultural de Belém. Of course, we can’t forget the natural beauty of the seaside, and Tagus river’s mouth.

But if you want to know more, you can contact us, and we will advise you what are the best places to visit in your holidays in Lisbon.

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